Team Secret win The Chongqing Major

Following three-straight series declines to Virtus Guru in Dota Pro Circuit events, Team Secret were prepared to eventually alter the story from The Chongqing Major grand finals.

After shooting down Evil Geniuses at the lower bracket finals, puzzle transferred to the grand finals to face not just the staff who bested them at the top bracket , but precisely the exact same squad that also defeat them in either the upper bracket and grand finals of The Kuala Lumpur Major: Virtus Professional.

The crucial point of the game came from Secret’s exceptional teamwork along with the exceptional play of Yazied”YapzOr” Jaradat.

Secret shot game one in a very dominant style supporting a 7-0-7 functionality from Michał”Nisha” Jankowski, which directed to the backbreaking second match. Momentum was totally on Secret’s side which contributed to YapzOr becoming somewhat insecure with his hero select.

Reaching deep into his bag of tricks, YapzOr pulled a service Luna that helped puzzle make the fastest success of the whole Major. In only 17 minutes, YapzOr submitted four kills and 16 assists to help his team jump into a dominating lead.

At a post-match meeting with VPEsports, YapzOr spoke about his option to take Luna to get a spin against a few of the very best teams on the planet.

Two days before, I was sitting before my pc with Puppey alongside me,” YapzOr explained, speaking to Secret’s captain Clement”Puppey” Ivanov. “We’re just thinking that using all the selections which are occurring at this Important, we’re overlooking a hero, we want only one more hero to be quite nice from the draft. I was randomly taking a look at the heroes and their abilities and that I simply watched Luna.”

Luna is sitting in 54th about the DotaBuff rank boards. She is a really situational hero with abilities that benefit a well-timed choice to grab opponents off guard for a support and also to help handle player placement.

I saw her abilities, I watched her abilities, and it only made sense in my mind,” YapzOr explained. “I demonstrated it to Puppey and he sort of enjoyed it, sort of did not enjoy it, however, he told me if we win with this at the grand finals, I will provide you a top five. And that I obtained the high five

Despite failing to shut things out following the high-leveled operation on a lesser-played enthusiast, YapzOr and Ludwig”zai” Wåhlberg wear a show in the last two games.

In spite of this reduction weighing them on, YapzOr and zai led their team to the success by combining for almost 40 aids –that aided puzzle hoist their original decoration of their 2018-19 DPC year old.

Secret are tied to VP for first position on the DPC rank plank with 7,950 points each group, while third-place EG have a good lead over the remainder of the package with 4,200 points.

The following DPC event is going to probably be the StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational Season Six, a Minor which will operate from March 4 to 10.

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