Dota 2: Major things you need to know before raising MMR in competitive

MMR boosting to the Immortal is quite easy: step by step guide

Dota 2 is a complex game, but the MMR raising is all about mathematics. Let’s see, that if for the victory you are earning ~25 mmr in general and for losing you lost ~25 mmr so even with the 51% of the winrate you’ll climb up to the Dota 2 ranking ladder. So if you really interested in Dota 2 boosting MMR, then you need to play the game. And play a lot! But it is not so easy to achieve a 51% win rate, so here are some my advice that helped me a lot in my story of achieving the Dota 2 Immortal rank.

So let’s stop with all the lyrics and let’s get straight to the point.

Introduction – who am I and why you can trust me

I am a semi-professional player in Dota 2, but I’d like to stay incognito. I played in a few Tier 3 teams and in two Tier 2. Right now my MMR is holding on the 6800 points, but my record was 7210 in the past season. This season I have some IRL issues that need to be fixed, but then I am planning to come back into the Dota 2 competitive world to show what I have got.

I started to play Dota 2 in Summer 2013 before The International 3. As soon as Valve added MMR rating to the game I started to play this game seriously and increases my MMR per 1k once in a year. As you can count I started with the 3k, then calibrated my second account to the ~4k and played on it since then. So in my peak, I have increased my MMR from 4.2k (calibrated) up to the 7.2k in around 800 games.

Basic rules for a proper MMR climbing in Dota

Dota two is a complicated game if you start to learn all the skills and the combos of heroes and items. But the basics are simple as 1-2-3. Just remember these little rules and you’ll see how quickly your MMR will increase.

Never give up, as OG in the TI8 finals – show your best in all matches

First of all remember, that ANY game could be a win. Remember OG in their last map in the TI8. They were smashed all across the map, but they don’t lose their hope and fought to the last breath. And all their efforts were paid off, the title of the champions and the impressive prize pool of the TI8 was theirs. So it must be a lesson for you to NEVER GIVE UP.

Even in the worst conditions, where all your team is against you and your throne is burning with 100 hp. If you could manage to win this kind of game you will get not only +25 MMR but also an awesome moral boost that will help you in next games.

Flaming and Whining are your worst enemies – the mental state is important in Dota 2

Second major rule – play in your most chill state. Flaming and whining never led to some good results, so why to harass your mental state with any of them? Even if you performing extremely well, but your team ruining your game – your flaming will not cheer them up and not increase their skill. The result of the flaming and whining is always the same – you destruct the team’s moral spirit and the winning chances will be reduced a lot.

Be flex as water – try all roles

As in other types of cybersport – you will be better carry if you know how to support right, and vice versa. I don’t say that you need to always swap your roles, but if you choose to be a position 1 player (or Carry) just try to spend a few games with your friend or total randoms in the support’s hide. In this case, you will see more clearly understand support actions.

Another advantage of this – the Dota 2 community is the worst gaming community in the world so you will be forced to play on other roles. Do not become such kind of player who will ruin the match (go jungle, just feed or something similar) just because they do not love to play on the various roles. Remember that flexibility will never be useless.

Professionals know better – watch the Dota 2 meta

If you don’t have 12 hours every day to play Dota 2 in finding the best heroes and item buildes, then just take a glance at the professional stage. Here you will see the most overpowered heroes, best item buildes and much much more.

Following the Meta is a basic, but extremely effective way to quickly increase your MMR. Look at the analytic videos about current Dota 2 Meta, follow Tier 1 professional teams, and you will be in the first ranks of players who use overpowered mechanics or heroes. In the first ranks of player who could earn the most MMR point through abusing this strategy before it will be nerfed by IceFrog.

Love Dota 2 or why even try to show your best

Earning MMR is awesome, but did you try to play for a joy AND still win? That is fantastic! If you are feeling that you are tired from the previous match, then take a break. If you feeling that Dota 2 is not bringing you satisfaction today – take a break. This rule works in any game, from poker to the Dota 2. 

Practice is the key

Play every day, or at least try to. Always learning from the past game, look at your mistakes and prevent yourself from repeating them. If you are thinking that you’ve done everything right but still lose a match, then look at the replay more cautiously. Maybe you’ve lost some moments or miss some awesome opportunities. If you don’t understand some gaming moments – learn them via youtube analytics or private lobby. Self-enhancing is the key to all and Dota 2 is not an exception.

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