OWL stage 1 PlayOff | Air on ABC

The Overwatch League has shown the way the Phase 1 match will be played with.

When there are just two more weeks of regular play abandoned in Phase 1, preparations are already being created for the post-stage part.

Eight of the 20 Overwatch League teams will be eligible for Phase 1 match. The Pacific and Atlantic leaders will be given the top two seeds to the bracket. The subsequent six teams in the standings will be eligible regardless of branch. Following three weeks of drama, just 1 group, the New York Excelsior, has clinched a place for playoffs according to their wins and map rating. The Los Angeles Valiant is the only group to be removed up to now.

Quarterfinal games will be a first-to-three series; those most closely resemble regular matches of this Overwatch League, where three map successes equals a series triumph. The strain ramps up for semifinal and final matches, which is going to be a first-to-four series, probably from seven possible rounds. This arrangement is used for finals in Overwatch Contenders and has been used for the past year’s Grand Finals.

In a different twist, the mount will likewise be re-seeded following the initial round. This opens the Phase 1 match to all types of matchups that can benefit certain groups that were formerly seeded from the greatest teams. Map picks also have been released. The higher-seeded group in a game will pick the first map giving them a distinct edge. The losing team has to choose the second map, as is normal in several championships.

Teams have a good deal of inspiration to put highly in the Phase 1 playoffs. Not only does this improve their odds of landing at the end-of-season playoffs, the financial rewards provide more incentive.

The dimensions of this broadcast must inspire teams more. ABC are also airing the Phase 2 semifinals and finals in addition to the All-Star Game, which will occur after Phase 2 is complete.

ABC joins a bunch of Disney stations and programs that broadcast the Overwatch League. Disney XD airs around three matches every week, such as the previous game on Thursdays and original games on Sundays. All of Overwatch League games may be considered on the ESPN program in addition to streaming solutions, including Overwatchleague.com, Twitch, and MLG.com.

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